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Passive House

Thermal Comfort

All surfaces throughout the Panorama home’s walls and windows stay an equal temperature to keep you cozy regardless of where you are.  No unwelcome breeze, no drastic swings in temperature, just the ultimate in thermal comfort.

Super Insulationwith No Air Leakages
Triple PaneWindows
Heat RecoveryVentilation System

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

Energy Efficient

Homes at The Panorama utilize sunlight and airtight construction for unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, ultimately saving homeowners up to 100% on their energy bills. Imagine, zero hydro bills.

Heat Recoveryof approximately 95%
No Needfor a Conventional Heating System
Renewable Energiesfor Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Production

How Passive House Works

Fresh Indoor Air

Taking advantage of its incredible natural surroundings, The Panorama homes continuously circulate fresh and clean air. A state-of-the-art filter system extracts outdoor pollutants and removes indoor pollutants for a higher level of indoor health and well-being.

Moisture is Recoveredto Prevent Dryness
Protectionfrom Mildew Formation
Kitchen Odours & Damp Airare Continuously Exchanged for Fresh Air

Bright Living Room

Incredible Construction

Incredibly insulated walls and triple pane windows make a Passive House astonishingly quiet, while also exceptionally durable and resilient. Carefully and thoughtfully engineered yet simple mechanical systems ensure low maintenance costs.

Operationis Incredibly Simple
Zero Carbonand LEED Standards
Advanced Designand Exceptional Build Components

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