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April Newsletter

Want to live in a zero carbon footprint home and pay zero hydro bills?

Introducing The Panorama

The most incredible home you will ever own
, and we don’t use those words lightly. The Panorama is Canada’s first and largest subdivision of passive homes, with 37 contemporary, architecturally designed view homes being built in the Harrison Highlands. It will be the largest Passive House project of its kind in North America. The Panorama passive homes aim to generate more energy than it consumes. You can now live in a home that has zero carbon footprint, and pay zero hydro bills.

What is a Passive House?

Passive House is not a brand name, but an unparalleled construction concept that is the world’s leading standard in energy-efficient construction. A passive house has:

  • super-insulated walls and triple pane windows compared to typical homes, preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Because Passive house walls are 2 – 3 times thicker than conventional houses, you also have a much quieter home to live in.
  • heat recovery of approximately 95% with renewable energies for heating, cooling, and hot water productions so that Passive home owners can enjoy up to 100% saving on their energy bills
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV) – preventing condensation, improving air quality and reducing allergens such as pollen and mold spores
  • incredible construction, with Zero Carbon and LEED building standards

The Panorama is also being designed by award winning interior designer VictorEric to give homes owners not only world class construction but a high end, luxury product.

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