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Peter Cheung

President, CEO

Peter Cheung is motivated to add value to communities and ultimately, people’s lives. What drives him is creating win-win situations for everybody. Peter’s leadership has inspired confidence and trust with Alture’s team, partners and investors leading to multiple real estate investing awards. He led several of Alture’s early development successes in Alberta and is responsible for financing, structuring and managing Alture’s project Partnerships. Peter graduated with a B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University.

Stephen Duke

Executive Vice President, Director

Stephen is determined to align the transformation of the built environment with how people aspire to live their lives. At Alture, he is responsible for project due diligence, planning and development management. He brings over 17 years of experience in single and multi-family residential and recreational property development. Stephen earned his MBA at Guelph University where he did research on condominium and hotel finance. He is assisted by Alture’s internal team of finance, marketing, and development management associates.

Winston Wong


Winston is inspired by how real estate creates wealth for investors personally, and also contributes greatly to the healthy economic growth of a community. Winston has an extensive background in the Chinese banking industry with the Standard Chartered Bank for 20 years prior to joining the Tri City Mortgage Group as Senior Advisor. Winston started Magusta Developments (BC) Ltd. – a major real estate development company building high rises and large single family developments.

Jack Gilbert

Strategic Advisor

Jack is a seasoned lawyer and entrepreneur with a personal passion for photography and how it inspires people. Jack graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. from the Osgoode Hall Law School. Appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1968 he earned a Masters in Law degree in Business Law at York University. He practiced securities, corporate and business law in Toronto until 1994. Since then, Jack has managed a family company providing consulting and mentoring services in real estate, mortgages, start-ups, and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Michael von Hausen

Director of Special Projects

Michael is in the business of planning, designing and building great communities that inspire and add value in every dimension of community life. He brings over 35 years of experience from across North America in areas of public and private sector design, development and finance. He is President of MVH Urban Planning & Design Inc. and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University. Michael graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in urban design and a specialty in real estate development.

Winnie Guo

Director of Finance

Winnie takes the details seriously and enjoys the complexity and challenges of development finance, from imagination to profitable completion. Winnie is responsible for the finance and accounting function in Alture. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Dongbei, Dalian, China, and her MBA/CGA at Laurentian University. Before immigrating, Winnie worked for Dalian Municipal Construction Holdings Ltd., in Dalian China.

Denise Wong

Investor Relations

Denise switched her area of specialty for the exciting idea that she could have a direct impact on where and how people live. With over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Denise is the eternal multi-tasker and master of keeping her cool. As the Investor Relations Manager at Alture, she is responsible for keeping all investors informed on the growth of the company while promoting opportunities for new business. Prior to joining Alture, Denise worked in Hong Kong for 7 years at The Economist managing client relationships with CXO’s and Business Heads of multinational corporations in emerging markets. She received her B.A. with a Major in Psychology at The University of British Columbia.

Theresa Shaw

Projects & Acquisitions Manager

Theresa coordinates and supports development management on our projects, liaising with architects, construction and project managers to ensure due diligence is performed to pro forma. She is also leads our Acquisitions department in deciding which venturesPrior to joining Alture, Theresa was the Senior Mortgage Coordinator with the Sutton Member Program, an exclusive partnership between Finder Financial and Sutton Realty agents Canada-wide. Theresa also served as the Office Manager for a global risk and strategic consulting firm in Shanghai, and as the International Program Coordinator for C.A.R.E. Society.

Daniel Langevin

Project Manager

Daniel takes great satisfaction by helping clients with their purchase and knowing that he helped build and shape the space in which they live. Daniel coordinates and supports development management on Alture’s projects, liaising with architects, construction and project managers to ensure due diligence is performed to pro forma. He has extensive experience on the Residential and Commercial sides of the real estate market in Greater Vancouver. Daniel comes from a detailed beginning in the luxury home markets of North and West Vancouver.

Beverly Yeung


Beverly is grateful to be able to take part in creating affordable dream homes for homeowners. Beverly is a graduate from Capilano University with a concentration in both accounting and marketing. As an Accounting Associate, Beverly supports the Finance Director and also helps run day to day operations. She likes meeting new people especially those that have a passion for food and music. In her free time she enjoys trying out coffee shops and volunteering in her community.

Taylor Scholz

Investment Analyst

Taylor is passionate about developing beautiful, sustainable buildings and adding value along the way. As an investment analyst he is tasked with making this passion attainable as well as feasible. He enjoys working with his team to solve complicated problems in a creative manner. He is constantly analyzing all projects by Alture to ensure investors are making a healthy return. Taylor attended the University of Western Ontario (UWO) where he studied finance and economics as well as played on the varsity rugby team.

Wendy Cheung

Money Maestro

As a co-founder of Alture Properties, Wendy is driven to help her clients reach financial freedom through real estate so that they have the opportunity to spend more time with family and on their passions. Wendy is also a top 5% award winning investment realtor licensed in British Columbia and Alberta. She was the recipient of the Real Estate Investment Network annual award for 2008 – 2015 Top Ten Player and the Leslie Cluff Memorial Player of the Year Award for 2009 – 2015.  She is also the founder of Wealthminds, an author, motivational speaker and a highly respected personal Wealth Coach.

Rinco Chan

Leasing Impresario

Rinco embodies the belief that through real estate education, everyone, no matter how young or old, can benefit greatly from the wealth that it provides. As a co-founder of Alture Properties, Rinco manages over 150 properties in his role as Property Manager, specializing in helping investors find positive cash flowing properties in fundamentally strong regions throughout BC and Alberta. As an active real estate investor, award winning realtor and educator, he holds his Property Management, Strata Management and Associate Broker designations in BC. He is a member of numerous real estate associations and strata boards, and a frequent speaker at Wealthminds educational seminars.

What Matters To Us

With a commitment to building strong communities both here and abroad, we have teamed up with a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that shares our love for innovation and human connection. 

We have partnered up with Imagine1Day  and are committed to building a new school in Ethiopia every time we complete a project. We are excited to be building our 1st school in 2017.

Imagine1Day works to provide education opportunities in rural Ethiopian communities. Their team has partnered with 487 schools and built 43 schools from the ground up, donated 83,620 textbooks, and transformed the lives of 265,000 individuals through training and teaching.

The first school we have chosen to support is a primary school called Haro Boqa, located in the Sinana district, Oromia region, South of Addis Ababa. This school which includes new gender segregated latrines and a library, will provide access to 416 boys and 858 girls, and will also provide early childhood education (ECE) to the community. ECE access has been shown to significantly reduce grade 1 drop out rates, and improve learning outcomes in early grade reading and math.

Here are some photos to show the progress in construction. Hora Boqa is slated to be completed construction by end of November 2017. Learn more about this exciting project here.




Alture Properties is an award winning real estate development team dedicated to creating industry-leading, sustainable projects. We are a dynamic team with varying backgrounds, each of us bringing unique skill sets that complement each other, with a unified goal of creating quality, sustainable developments for home buyers and investors. In short — we care about making a positive impact on how people live.


We understand that good work comes from genuine intentions so we do everything with ‘people’ in mind. Whether they are our home buyers, investors, or fellow team mates, we are all about creating win-win situations and creating positive experiences for the betterment of those around us. We encourage ourselves and one another to always learn and grow, and this has allowed us to enjoy continued growth as a company.


We’re always on the hunt for amazing talent. If you feel you have what it takes and want to join a team that’s making a difference, email us at careers@altureproperties.com


Development Manager

Summary: The Development Manager will be responsible for managing the development of existing Alture real estate projects.  This position is ideal for someone who has Project Management experience in Construction, looking to step into a role of Development Management in Real Estate Development. The Development Manager will report directly to the Development Director who oversees all of the Alture real estate existing and potential projects. Successful project execution of Alture projects on time and on budget will be the responsibility of this Development Manager position.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Requirements: The Development Manager will have an academic and/or applied background that includes the following:

  • A minimum Bachelor of Commerce, Masters of Business Administration or equivalent supplemented by training in building sciences, construction, architecture, civil engineering and/or urban planning preferred
  • Preferable, at least 5 years of experience in the real estate industry completing a number of successful real estate development projects on time and within budget
  • A comprehensive understanding of market analysis, development feasibility analysis, proforma cash flow, development management, approvals processes, and construction through to customer care
  • A focused individual who is skilled at contract negotiations, managing consultants and the approvals process, as well as proforma and costing analysis
  • A disciplined individual with a reputation as a team player and collaborator who knows how to get things done on time and within budget
  • A creative problem-solver who knows when to act independently yet consults the senior management team when necessary and well in advance of crisis situations with foresight and integrity


  • Completing a comprehensive detailed analysis of current projects
  • Prepare budgeting for Development Projects
  • Completing development of a standard bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly project report for each project
  • Completing development projects from acquisition through approvals, construction and customer care on time and on budget
  • Completing summary reports of each project for corporate reporting with two audiences in mind:
    • External investors monthly and/or quarterly reports (to be determined)
    • Internal corporate reporting on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (to be determined) to connect the detailed project management with corporate consolidated reporting

Reporting: The Development Manager will report directly to the Development Director.  The Development Manager will also work closely with the Director of Special Projects, Director of Acquisitions, Director of Communications and the Director of Finance, to obtain current information and support them further in providing current and projected market/development information in a timely manner.

Performance Evaluation: The Development Manager will complete the following:

  • Project execution on time and on budget from inception through development approvals, construction, and customer care
  • Periodic reports for the Development Manager in a pre-determined format that fits the existing or prospective projects (there may be more than one format depending on audience and land use)
  • Effective team work and problem-solving that connects project management with corporate reporting and communications

Position Performance and Evaluation: The position compensation and evaluation will be completed on an annual basis with quarterly performance reviews.